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Winnekenni castle homepage

Category: Massachusetts
Title: Winnekenni castle homepage
Url: http://www.winnekenni.com/
Description: Thank you to the greater haverhill community for selecting winnekenni as haverhill's best scenic and best historical place in the haverhill gazette! Haunted pirate castle now open... Click for more details! ...please visit our events page !!! Halloween h
Clicks: 174
Link added: Oct 27, 2006
I know that most of you are skeptical when it comes to reviews and think to yourself that you have to see it for yourself. Winnekenni castle is the worst haunted attraction there is and ever will be. If you want to laugh go there! If you want a good scare go to Haunted Acres in Epping, NH.
posted on Oct 18, 2009 by lindsy

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